Author: Patricia Rodrigues Samora

At what cost gentrification? São Paulo expels drug users and razes buildings to ‘revitalise Crackland’

It was a rainy Sunday morning when São Paulo’s “Crackland” was destroyed. On May 21, 500 civil and military police descended on the downtown neighbourhood where, since the late 1990s, hundreds to thousands of crack-cocaine users and drug dealers have congregated (hence its dubious appellation Cracolândia). Throwing gas grenades and weilding barking dogs, the police raided the area Read More

Deadly highrise fire in Brazil spotlights city’s housing crisis and the squatter movement it spawned

A massive fire in historic downtown São Paulo, Brazil, on May 1 has killed at least one person, with three more suspected dead. Several neighboring buildings, including a church, were destroyed, scorched or evacuated. The 25-story building that caught fire and later collapsed was a vacant former police headquarters now occupied by squatters. Most of the several Read More