Month: October 2020

Travel resumes as study says Brazil flights spread virus

Domestic and international air travel helped spread the novel coronavirus in Brazil, a study has found, as tourism bodies push for global travel to resume amid infection resurgences in some countries. The collapse of global tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic has cost the industry US$320 billion, according to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The drive Read More

Brazil’s humane refugee policies: Good ideas can travel north

In this March 2018 photo, Venezuelan children wait for a meal at a migrant shelter set up in Boa Vista, Roraima state, Brazil. (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres) Audrey Macklin, University of Toronto The global north tends to view the global south as a source of refugees, and it often implements policies aimed at preventing those refugees Read More

Why we don’t need Michael Palin’s ‘Brazil’

Most Westerners associate Brazil with the cliches of Carnivale and soccer, but there is more the diverse and newly-prosperous country than just partytime. EPA/Antonio Lacerda Cristina Rocha, Western Sydney University The ABC has recently screened Michael Palin’s travel program “Brazil” but unfortunately, the show has been much more about the expected sex, samba, and soccer Read More

Travelling to Brazil? Here’s what you should know about yellow fever

The yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti, taking a bloodmeal. James Gathany/Public domain via Wikimedia Commons Allen Cheng, Monash University Of the dangers facing travellers to Brazil for the World Cup, yellow fever is one of the least likely to pose a real threat. But there are two important things to know about the illness. First, Read More

Venomous yellow scorpions are moving into Brazil’s big cities – and the infestation may be unstoppable

Scorpions used to be a rural problem in Brazil. Now, residents of São Paulo and other urban areas are dealing with an infestation of these venomous creatures. AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini Hamilton Coimbra Carvalho, Universidade de São Paulo I live in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, home to some 12 million people – 20 Read More

São Paulo water crisis shows the failure of public-private partnerships

São Paulo’s ongoing water crisis has left many of the city’s 20m or more residents without tap water for days on end. Brazil’s largest metropolis is into its third month of water rationing, and some citizens have even taken to drilling through their basements to reach groundwater. Most commentators agree that the crisis is to Read More

Megacity drought: Sao Paulo withers after dry ‘wet season’

Exceptional drought, extreme temperatures, unprecedented drops in reservoir levels and threatening water shortages for millions of people have dominated headlines in California in recent years. Unfortunately, Californians are not the only people being stressed with the “water crisis.” Citizens of one of the most densely populated areas in South America – the Sao Paulo metropolitan Read More

São Paulo’s drug policies are working – will the new mayor kill them?

After a fierce mayoral electoral campaign, São Paulo is a city on the verge of a potentially significant political change. The new mayor João Doria, elected on October 2, has promised to roll back many of the programmes associated with the current administration of Fernando Haddad, his left-leaning political rival. Among Haddad’s boldest initiatives were expanding Read More

At what cost gentrification? São Paulo expels drug users and razes buildings to ‘revitalise Crackland’

It was a rainy Sunday morning when São Paulo’s “Crackland” was destroyed. On May 21, 500 civil and military police descended on the downtown neighbourhood where, since the late 1990s, hundreds to thousands of crack-cocaine users and drug dealers have congregated (hence its dubious appellation Cracolândia). Throwing gas grenades and weilding barking dogs, the police raided the area Read More

Deadly highrise fire in Brazil spotlights city’s housing crisis and the squatter movement it spawned

A massive fire in historic downtown São Paulo, Brazil, on May 1 has killed at least one person, with three more suspected dead. Several neighboring buildings, including a church, were destroyed, scorched or evacuated. The 25-story building that caught fire and later collapsed was a vacant former police headquarters now occupied by squatters. Most of the several Read More

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